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“The Right Hand”
2016 - 2019

#vulnerability #chronic-illness #testimony #art
When I was 23 years old I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.
It affected mostly my hands.
In 2016 I had to have my first hand-surgery due losing range of movement. My right hand was the first to go and 2017 the left one.

I am an artist.

I work with my hands.

These body of works showned in an exhibition at the Helmhaus Zurich were developed during the years of recovery and healing process, 2016 - 2019

The whole “after-surgery” phase shifted perspectives, it was a healing process.

Exhibition’s views at Helmhaus Zürich, 2019
©Photos,Helmhaus Zurich
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︎ “The Beauty out of it”, 3 Volumes
︎  “The Right Hand” Video Link

“The Right Hand”
Helmhaus Zürich, Auf der Suche, 2019

Exhibition’s brochure
Text: Nadja Baldini


Kunstbulletin, November 2019
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Fankhauser Simone, “Persönlich, Leben mit RA”,
forumR Magazine, 2|2020 Nr. 140, Zurich Switzerland
June, 2020

“Auf der Suche”
Exhibition at Helmhaus Zürich, Sept-Nov 2019
︎︎︎ “The Right Hand”

“The beauty out of it”
3 handmade volumes, 2019
Assembled and bound by hand, format: 28 x 40cm aprox.

“The Right Hand”, Helmhaus Zürich, Auf der Suche, 2019

Vol. 2 “Peach”  (clic to video)


Vol. 3 “Handmade” (clic to video)

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Vol. 1 “Nature” (clic to video)

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