“The Right Hand”, 2015-2019
“The beauty out of it”, 2019
“I had a flashback”, 2016
Zerbrechlichkeit, Drawings
Das Verborgenes, Drawings
Inside Out 1, Drawings 2012/13
Inside Out 2, Drawings 2016/17

The Question of Home
“On the question of home”
“Settle”, 2013, 2014
“Home patterns”, 2013
“A guide to an utopian city”, Book, 2013
“Camino al Sur”, 2012

Drawing & Painting 
Drawing Current, 2019, 2020
Small abstract compositions
Immer wieder Blumen
Coffee Drawings, 2014 - 2017
Landscapes by heart, 2013

Artists Books & Publications
Blumendialoge, 2018/19

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