I am a visual artist with background in architecture.

I work in series. Each of them has its own way of development. 
In my drawing practice, when I begin a series I work rather fast, being very prolific and don’t dedicate much time in thinking while drawing, letting things emerge without the judgment of the eye or mind. It is about what I am processing at the moment and I don't want to lose the ‘momentum’, it has to remain as pure as possible, without the interference of rationalisation. Only when the concept is laid down, I’d continue with more calm, allowing more time to each drawing and having a dialogue with it during the composition. What is important to me in every stage of the drawing process is letting the drawing form itself as it happens and preserve authenticy. I draw mainly with oil pastels, pencil, gouache and acrylics. Each media corresponds to a sensation, soft, bold, hard, liquid, dense. The marks are gestures, manifestations of emotions. The amount of sittings I dedicate to a series is never the same, once the exhaustion point or realisation arrives, then it’s done.

My photography projects document and reflect on the beauty of the simple things in life. It is a chosen moment of extraordinary taken from the ordinary. I create visual essays out of mundane beauty, capturing poetic moments in every-day objects and situations.
Kitchen Poetry (part of The everydaylife project) is a collection of photographs taken in my kitchen. Sometimes while making breakfast, I find an orange’s skin so beautiful, or the leftovers on a plate so perfectly displayed, that I have the impulse to capture the moment. It can also happen during other mundane tasks such as washing the vegetables, or the simple gesture of boiling an egg. I want to convey the message that beauty is everywhere and for anyone to see. Beauty in simplicity and authenticity.

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