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“Home Patterns”
From the series ‘Home souvenir’
Photographies, Black and white, 10 x 10 cm
Lima, 2013

 2013, I came back home.
After living abroad for several years, I came back ‘home’ to my parents’ house. It didn’t feel like home anymore until I saw. I was lying on my bedroom’s floor, and there the corner of the wooden closet, home. I recognised that corner, the wood, the ceramic floor, the ceramic baseboard. I stood up and with my camera I looked for all these corners that said to me ‘welcome home’. 
I didn’t remain there too long and eventually I came back to Switzerland, it’s been 7 years now and still these pictures of those patters feel like home.

1. Bedroom, That corner. 2. Terrace, Family lunch on Sundays.3.  Kitchen, She is gifted, handmade curtain. She learned only by seeing. 4. Stairs, The house axis. 5. Studio, Blinds, these knots were made for our safety when me and my siblings where kids, they got never unknoted. 6. Floors, Those ceramics were not able to be replaced when they got old and broken. 7. Pool, The biggest investment, payed off. 8. Dining-room, Always ingenious, security mecanism.

©2019 Alejandra Jean-Mairet