Alejandra Jean-Mairet

( Narratives )


Under Re-construction.
Getting an overview. Organising, seeing, pausing.
Midst doing a recapitulation of my work.

Inside Out
Drawings 2012-2013

“Childhood memories” 
Blind drawings, 21 x 29,7 cm
Zurich, 2012/13

Childhood memories, El juego de té
Zurich, 2012

(random) Thoughts
Zurich, 2012/13

Studio wall, MFA, Zurich, 2012

Love Letters
“My Heart”
Watersoloubles and not on paper
21 x 29,7 cm
Zurich, 2013

Inside Out

Drawings 2016-2017

“I wanna start over (but I can’t)”
Mix technique on paper, 70 x 50 cm
Zurich, 2017
“Se me va de las manos”
Pencil on cardboard
Zurich, 2017

Ich spüre nichts / I feel nothing
Gouache and graphite on paper
Zurich, 2018

Coffee Drawings
A drawing project, Zurich 2014 - 2017

︎ The “coffee drawings” project started in Zurich in 2014, short after moving back here. Only this time I was alone, with no work, Master studies were over; the only luxury I could afford was going to a coffee shop, order a coffee and draw. I took a pencil and drew on A6 Index-Cards.

Landscapes by heart, Tortugas

“The journey starts the night before” 
Gouache on paper
21 x 29,7 cm
Zurich, 2013

As kids and for many years we used to take this journey once a year, every summer.
An 8 hours road trip towards “Tortugas” a beach in the north of Peru.
I did my first one when I wasn’t even 1 month old. And then every year for at least 20 years.
I made these drawings when I was already living in Zurich. It was in one of my drawing sessions, the ‘digging’ ones.

These abstracts forms, the colours, the media, I was doing this journey once again.

Nuestro verbo recordar lleva dentro la palabra corazón.
Viene del bajo latin recordare, que se compone del prefijo re- (‘de nuevo’) y un elemento cordare formado sobre el nombre cor, cordis (corazón).
Antiguamente se creia que el corazón era la sede de la memoria. Encontramos vestigios de esta creencia en nuestro verbo recordar y sus equivalentes en otras lenguas románicas, también en expresiones como estas:
Francés: apprendre par coeur (lit. ‘aprender de corazón’)
Inglés: know by heart (lit. ‘saber de corazón’)

︎︎︎ There is a self-published artist book of this project in an edition of 10, if you are interested, contact me for details. ︎

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